As any university club, we are volunteer organization. Depending on the year, we might have more or less people involved in the club’s administration. The structure lies as following:

1. President – TAKEN 
2. Vice-President – TAKEN 
Both positions 1 and 2 deal with TRUSU and faculty, promoting the club, signing everything, overall managing and remembering about everything.
3. Secretary/Treasurer – applying for grants, collecting cheques after events, overall – dealing with money
4. Marketing coordinator – TAKEN  – communicating with TRU Newsletter, radio station, TRU bookstore for merchandise
5. High school liaison/ Kamloops Coordinator – TAKEN – communicating with SD73 and high schools/teachers overall
6. Website editor – TAKEN – website housekeeping duh
7. Event coordinator – coordinating rooms for events, getting food, finding volunteers…
 Of course, depending on how many people are in the club, these positions can be combined. Club needs 2 people at least to be an official club at TRU. So, in case of total disaster, there are only President and Vice-President, who are keeping track of everything. 
If you are interested in having a position in the club – shoot us an email. Note that roles of the president and vice-president do require some training so if you are interested in getting one when the current person is graduating – do not wait!
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