Clash of Equations


On July 8th, 2023, TRU was invited to participate in a university battle which used to happen between UBC and SFU! 

On July 8, for 3 intense hours, teams of up to 3 undergraduate students from each university will test their mathematical wit on problems from those 3 subjects. This competition will take place entirely online.

Update as of July 24:

And the winner is…a TIE?!

Yes, you heard it right! The highest scoring teams from SFU and UBC scored equally well, claiming a joint victory!

Congratulations to Team AJ or JA composed of Arvin Sahami, Justin Wan, and Rain Yang from UBC, and Team The Galois Group composed of Hailey Ahn, Peter Poelstra, and Steven Xia from SFU in achieving a perfect score and 1st place in this competition!

In 2nd place, in an incredible showcase of individual brilliance, we have Team Mus composed of Natasha Kwa from UBC.

In 3rd place, claiming a well-deserved spot on the podium we have Team beanS composed of Erik Wang, Andrew Kang, and Kevin Liu from UBC.

Finally, the raffle prize finds its way to Team Alge-bros from TRU!!!

Being a part of the organising and grading team, we would like you to know that, just like last year, the general consensus was that this was a HARD exam. 

Each of the 3 problems was graded out of 7, for a total score of 21.
The average scores for each individual subject are as follows:
Calculus: 1.82
Linear Algebra: 3.82
Discrete Math: 1.82
The average combined score was a whopping 7.45, for an average percentage of 35%!

The solutions to the contest paper can be viewed by visiting the following link (also in bio):

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