Math Zanzibar (org. by Kate Tretiakova)

Date: June 14th, 2023 (register through email before June 13th)

Participants: oriented on high school students of SD73, although, lower level university students are welcome to join. 


  • teams are given the set of problems to solve together during a specific time frame;
  • only answers are checked;
  • teams are allowed only one submission for each problem;
  • the scores are LIVE in the room with all the teams;
  • team’s score depends on how many other teams solved the same question right/wrong: more teams solved it right = smaller worth. 

For any questions, feel free to contact or with subject “Zanzibar”. 

Results are in! We had three teams participating: Pi=3 from Sahali Secondary, Basically 3 from NorthKam Secondary, and Fightin’ Titans from South Kamloops Secondary. And Pi=3 managed to win with a huge difference! See the picture for the detailed scores. 

Detailed results

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