II Math Battle (6 November, 2022)

This year we were happy to have 4 teams participating in 2 math battles which were happening at the same time! This was an exciting experience; however, such experience is not possible without a few “meh” moments, which we as volunteers will note for the future. For instance, that we need much more food that the amount we had got…XD

The final score table for the uni/hs battle

The final score table for the high school battle

Overall, all four teams did great. The tendency from the last year continues with high school teams solving more problems than university students. We were told that they are simply tired…

Note that the drawing in the set of problems has a mistake with the wrong angle specified.

This year we were more prepared with pictures. Although, we did get only two full team pictures and, unfortunately, they got uploaded in the very end of the slideshow…

Oh, and see you all next year!:)

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